Fic: Raid

Aug. 27th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Title: Raid.
Characters: Arcee
Genre: Action
Warnings: Some killings and stabbings ...and IDW Arcee :D
Summary: Arcee is a bot on a mission. A mission that would leave most bots reeling in astonishment...

Note: WhatisthisIdon’teven?! @.@ A random idea that’s been buzzing around in my head for a while now... Basically, Arcee eventually leaves the dead-universe (...somehow), has no further purpose after killing Jhiaxus and his creations. But then, she finds purpose in helping a severely struggling settlement of neutral bots…in her own way. Kind of like, vigilante-Cee. 8D *shot*

A single hard kick tore the door from its hinges and sent it flying into the first bot standing guard. No sooner had a sound of surprise begun to leave his vocals that his head was slashed free from his body. The second guard stared stock still for a second before quickly reaching for his blaster. He fired blindly at the figure as it sprinted towards him.

Four shots pierced the air before a slash of plasma energy cut right through the arm holding his gun. He began to cry out but was silenced as a grenade was shoved into his mouth and he was stabbed through the spark.

Arcee grabbed his helm before he hit the ground, effortlessly dragging the offline frame across the hangar and pushing it through the door leading into the foyer.

Sure enough, several dozen shots pummelled the corpse the second it filled their visuals. She remained motionless behind it as they fired.

Then one spoke up, “The frag?! That’s one of our guys! And he’s offline!”

The second their shots stilled she shoved the corpse in the rest of the way and slammed the door shut again. Arcee backpedalled several paces and took cover when the grenade detonated. The door came flying loose and joined it’s fellow on the hangar floor.

Without a word Arcee rose and moved into the foyer once again. A slight snarl upturned her lips as she caught sight of one of the bots twitching. She stalked over to him and drew her sword.

- - - -

It hadn’t been a hard operation. She’d sustained some minor dents and gashes, hardly real damage. But she’d made it, leaving a long line off offline or heavily dismembered bots in her wake.

Arcee released a heavy intake as she left the building. She waited till she was a good hic away from it before detonating the grenades she’d planted. No sense in leaving trails of her escapades after all. She then transformed and covered the rest of the distance back to the village.

- - -

Ignoring the looks other bots gave her when she arrived, Arcee wordlessly stalked into the centre of the settlement and dropped the sack – energon cubes, high-grade, oil cakes and energon goodies spilling out.

An eruption of excited exclamations rippled across the crowd. Arcee stooped to take three cubes and an oil cake for herself, briefly meeting the optics of the village leader. He nodded in silent gratitude. She stared for a moment more before offering a stiff one back and turning to leave.


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