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Title: Feels Heavy
Characters/Pairing: Knockout/Breakdown
Genre: General
Rating: T
Summary: It takes a bit of subtle persuasion for Breakdown to warm up to his new Earthen alt form.

Note: In my mind Knockout now officially has a fetish for heavy-duty bots. That is all.

“Hmm, very nice. The tires are definitely a plus” Knockout hummed, admiring his new Earthen form with unabashed fascination. Any other time, Breakdown would have scoffed… or at least given his optics a subtle roll. But he couldn’t exactly find anything to be annoyed about right now. Knockout was a shameless narcissist, yeah… Not like he didn’t have reason to be though.

Shifting a little on the spot, Breakdown caught a glimpse of his own reflection in another shop-window. A slight scowl pinched his expression. Tch. Knockout may be partial to his new alt, but Breakdown was still pretty sceptical about these backwater Earth-constructs.

“Hn, careful Breakdown. Wouldn't want your faceplates to stick that way.”

Breakdown’s optics flickered and he realised he’d been glaring at the reflection. He turned to level a blank frown in Knockout’s direction.


The medic smirked and examined his claws with a flourish, “For now. How does yours feel?”

Breakdown snorted, “Heavy.”

Knockout lifted an optic ridge.


“Yeah. As in, my arms feel like they weigh more than you” he grumped and folded said limbs with a huff. “Probably look it too.”

Confusion giving way to understanding, Knockout vented a dry chuckle.

“Hmm, well, from where I’m standing… I’d have to agree” he chuckled at the irked glower that prompted, abandoning his own makeshift mirror to amble over. Breakdown’s glare remained locked on him as he approached, optics giving an annoyed flicker when the medic slowly circled him.

“Though it does make sense…” he remarked, just out of Breakdown’s line of vision. “After all, you have to carry a lot of weaponry under all that metal.”

He gave a surprised twitch when he felt a claw slowly drift over his arm gauntlet. Cocking an optic ridge, Breakdown glanced back with a not entirely disapproving expression. Knockout smirked, though kept his gaze trained on the frame. His claw travelled onwards, mapping out the seams that concealed weapons and gently scraping along the bottom of Breakdown’s back-mounted wheel.

“Hmm, yep. You’re definitely very heavy-duty” he purred, completing the circumference with his digit coming to a stop just at Breakdown’s grille. His optics gleamed in the dark and he smirked, “I like.”

The other eyed him dubiously for a moment before he returned the smirk and none too gently caught the roving hand.

“Prove it.”

An electric crackle rent the air just as Knockout lifted his energon prod into view.

“With pleasure.”

Date: 2011-08-27 10:20 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ultharkitty
Unf! Also, squeeeeeee <3 (You write this pairing so damned well :D)


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