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Title: To Be Alone
Characters: Arcee
Rating: T
Summary: Arcee comes to realize just how much Jhiaxus has truly taken from her...
Genre: Angst/drama
Notes: More IDW Arcee! I do so love that pink and white psycho. <3

Fic: To Be Alone )
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Title: Acquired Tolerance
Characters: Arcee, Jhiaxus, two unnamed mechs
Genre: Drama/General
Rating: T
Summary: Jhiaxus shows his latest 'project' to some colleagues, while Arcee seethes and plots.
Warnings: Mention of forced drugging, and Arcee's violent imaginings.

Acquired Tolerance )
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Title: Snake in the grass
Characters: Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar, OC
Rating: T
Summary: An explosion devastates not only the base, but the foundations of trust built over several millennia.
Genre: Drama/suspense 

Notes: I'm not normally one for OC's... but in this case, I felt it somewhat necessary. :P

Snake In The Grass )
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Title: Façade
Characters: SG!Blades, SG!First Aid, unnamed SG!Decepticons.
Genre: Drama
Summary: First Aid goes through the regular 'interrogation' routine, while Blades silently broods.
Rating: T
Warnings: Slightly graphic torture, unnamed character death.

Note: The idea of secretly pacifistic/coward SG!Blades and interrogator SG!First Aid came from somewhere on DA... Can't seem to root out the source right now =S I'll be sure to add a link if I manage to find it again!

Facade )
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Title: Better Off 
Characters: Moonracer (main) Some small Firestar and Chromia. Mentions of other Decepticons.
Rating: T
Genre: Tragedy/drama
Warning: Character death, angst :p Evil Decepticons being evil.

Better Off )


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