applecrumble: (Arcee is confuzzled.)
2011-09-06 11:11 pm

Fic: Feeling Restless

Arcee’s such a bro. I can totally see her chomping on cigars and swirling a glass of scotch while reclining on a black leather couch. She’s got bro-style. *nodnod* Like Sean Connery. Only robotic. And not Scottish. =|

Anyhow, this fic is for Kapricia as part of her Transformers: Prime fic exchange! :D She wanted some Bulkhead/Arcee, and thus this thing came forth.

Title: Feeling Restless
Characters/Pairing: Bulkhead/Arcee
Genre: General
Rating: T
Summary: Wherein Arcee finds one severely demolished training-room, along with one severely distracted Wrecker.
Warning: Implied intimacy.
Notes: Set shortly after the events of Con Job.

Feeling Restless )