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Title: To Be Alone
Characters: Arcee
Rating: T
Summary: Arcee comes to realize just how much Jhiaxus has truly taken from her...
Genre: Angst/drama
Notes: More IDW Arcee! I do so love that pink and white psycho. <3

Fic: To Be Alone )
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Arcee’s such a bro. I can totally see her chomping on cigars and swirling a glass of scotch while reclining on a black leather couch. She’s got bro-style. *nodnod* Like Sean Connery. Only robotic. And not Scottish. =|

Anyhow, this fic is for Kapricia as part of her Transformers: Prime fic exchange! :D She wanted some Bulkhead/Arcee, and thus this thing came forth.

Title: Feeling Restless
Characters/Pairing: Bulkhead/Arcee
Genre: General
Rating: T
Summary: Wherein Arcee finds one severely demolished training-room, along with one severely distracted Wrecker.
Warning: Implied intimacy.
Notes: Set shortly after the events of Con Job.

Feeling Restless )
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Title: Acquired Tolerance
Characters: Arcee, Jhiaxus, two unnamed mechs
Genre: Drama/General
Rating: T
Summary: Jhiaxus shows his latest 'project' to some colleagues, while Arcee seethes and plots.
Warnings: Mention of forced drugging, and Arcee's violent imaginings.

Acquired Tolerance )
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Title: Snake in the grass
Characters: Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar, OC
Rating: T
Summary: An explosion devastates not only the base, but the foundations of trust built over several millennia.
Genre: Drama/suspense 

Notes: I'm not normally one for OC's... but in this case, I felt it somewhat necessary. :P

Snake In The Grass )
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Title: Feels Heavy
Characters/Pairing: Knockout/Breakdown
Genre: General
Rating: T
Summary: It takes a bit of subtle persuasion for Breakdown to warm up to his new Earthen alt form.

Note: In my mind Knockout now officially has a fetish for heavy-duty bots. That is all.

Feels Heavy )
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Title: Façade
Characters: SG!Blades, SG!First Aid, unnamed SG!Decepticons.
Genre: Drama
Summary: First Aid goes through the regular 'interrogation' routine, while Blades silently broods.
Rating: T
Warnings: Slightly graphic torture, unnamed character death.

Note: The idea of secretly pacifistic/coward SG!Blades and interrogator SG!First Aid came from somewhere on DA... Can't seem to root out the source right now =S I'll be sure to add a link if I manage to find it again!

Facade )
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Title: Morning After
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Wheeljack/Ratchet
Genre: Humour
Summary: Title says it all. 

Notes: What was I thinking? D: This pairing.. I don't even...

Morning After )

Fic: Raid

Aug. 27th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Title: Raid.
Characters: Arcee
Genre: Action
Warnings: Some killings and stabbings ...and IDW Arcee :D
Summary: Arcee is a bot on a mission. A mission that would leave most bots reeling in astonishment...

Note: WhatisthisIdon’teven?! @.@ A random idea that’s been buzzing around in my head for a while now... Basically, Arcee eventually leaves the dead-universe (...somehow), has no further purpose after killing Jhiaxus and his creations. But then, she finds purpose in helping a severely struggling settlement of neutral bots…in her own way. Kind of like, vigilante-Cee. 8D *shot*

Raid )
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Title: Broken Washracks
Characters: Arcee (small bit of Bumblebee and Cliffjumper)
Rating: K+
Summary: After the events of Darkness Rising, Arcee grieves. 
Warnings: Angst angst! Oh the angst >.< AND SPOILERS. For serious.

Broken Washracks )

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Title: Better Off 
Characters: Moonracer (main) Some small Firestar and Chromia. Mentions of other Decepticons.
Rating: T
Genre: Tragedy/drama
Warning: Character death, angst :p Evil Decepticons being evil.

Better Off )

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Title: Drunken Angels (1/?)
Characters: Blades, First Aid, Streetwise, Groove, Hot Spot
Genre: Humour
Rating: T
Warning: Pretty obvious slash but no main pairings. Drunk robot-minors.
Summary: Some Protectobots get drunk. Much to the chagrin of Blades and Hot Spot.

Drunken Angels (1/?) )


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